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About Sharkworld

Sharkworld offers aspiring project managers the opportunity to gain experience with several aspects of project management in an attractive and motivating setting. The game creates a convincing virtual environment in which projects develop in real time (accelerated). The player is forced to act to problems immediately and intervene properly. The game is propelled by an underlying suspense story. It deliberately blurs the line between reality and fiction, to form a lifelike test case for aspiring project managers.

The game will be playable online, but will also make use of other means of communicating with players. The time it would normally take to bring a project like the Sharkworld project to a good end is much longer than the five days playing time in the game. In order to enhance the feeling of passing time, time tightens at strategic moments. A trip from the hotel to an appointment is done at lightning speed. Images of the city with accelerated traffic streams, sunrise and sunset all illustrate the passing of days and nights.


An Olympic location near the city of Sha Cheng is rebuilt into the first large scale shark aquarium in the world, combined with a swimming paradise: "Sharkworld".

The Dutch (international) installation company "Spector Install" has acquired this project. The Company has had a lot of experience with swimming pools, congress halls, hospitals and dolphin aquariums, but has never worked with sharks before. Their corporate web site provides a nice overview of several installation and construction projects in both utility and industrial fields, with a diversity of cases.

The last project manager on site has mysteriously disappeared. You, the player, apply for his job and you are sent to China immediately. You land in the middle of an ongoing project and must see that the project is brought to a good end.

What the player does not know at the start of the game is that not everything in the game is what it seems. Some things will turn out to be setups or tests, designed to test your project management abilities.